Terms and Condition

The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the Organizer (Arachnomesh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and the Participants.

The general terms & conditions must be thoroughly reviewed prior to registering.

I. Basic Definitions and Terms of the Agreement

Competition: Channelier FMCG Awards – online awards competition

Organizer: Arachnomesh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

II. Online Registration

In order to register for the Competition, the participants must complete the online registration form, available at the Competition Website.

The organizing team reserves the right to not accept registrations with wrong, false or insufficient information. Registrations with misleading information will be disqualified and the agreement between the organizer and participants will be terminated.

III. Participant’s Registration Fee and Payment

The registration fee is indicated on the Website, and the amount due is based on the prices as quoted on the Website at the moment of registration.

GST charges will be added as applicable. It will be calculated on top of the fee based on your billing address and GST number.

After successfully entering the data, the registered Entrant will receive a confirmation email with details for the payment information.

The registration shall be considered valid only after confirmation of the payment which shall be made within the terms stated in the confirmation for registration.

IV. Data Privacy and Processing

The Organizer collects personal information/data of the participants via the registration form for the purpose of registering the later for the competition.

By entering the competition, you agree and consent to provide accurate personal data and have it collected and processed by Arachnomesh Technologies Pvt Ltd, as well the organizer’s sub processors - AWS Inc for data storage and MailChimp for email deliverability.

Your company’s account would created on Channelier and would require your catalog data.

Your organisation will be showcased as Channelier clients.

The nomination is provisional, if we have any issues such as any information is not filled or something is not in compliance with the terms and conditions, Channelier FMCG awards will cancel the nomination and refund the full amount in 15 working days.

No personal information of a participant who has registered, will be publicly disclosed, shared or sold to a Third party. The business contact information is collected for public dissemination and can be shared on various public media including but not limited to display on the Competition website or the Coffee Book document. The Organizer reserves the right to use either of the information to contact the participant with important information, news or offers about the competition. The information will also be used to provide updates about our applications including Channelier from time to time. The information may be disclosed to Law enforcement authorities, if the occasion arrives.

The Organizer reserves the right to use part of data entered in the registration form as part of statistics and announcements for the competition. This would not lead to any personal information disclosure, but only as an aggregate data.

The personal data provided by the participants can also be used for improving the development activities of ‘Arachnomesh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’

V. Copyright

Any copyrights related to the materials provided for the competition are property of the Organizer. The participants are entitled to use these materials for promotional use only. The recreation and distribution of such materials is only permitted upon consent on behalf of the Organizer.

The Organizer does not claim any intellectual property rights over the Content uploaded by the Participant.

The Organizer has the right to remove without warning copyrighted and illegal Content should an issue arise. Please note, the Organizer may be required by law to disclose a Participant’s identity in cases of copyright infringement claims.

Incase of copyright infringement claims, the organizer has the right to remove without warning any such content and may also be required to disclose a participant’s identity.

The Organizer will not monitor the content uploaded by the participant. The participants agree to refrain from uploading and distributing any misleading, abusive, offensive, explicit or illegal content.

You hereby agree that content uploaded by you, the participant is consistent and with applicable rules and regulations and also agree to compensate us for any breach of relevant laws and regulations caused by you.

By uploading or linking your Content, you agree: (a) to allow other internet users to view the Content you post publicly; (b) to allow the Organizer to store, and in the case of publicly stored Content, display and review the Content submitted to the Competition.

All participants authorise the organizers and other third-party organizations to use their entries in whatever form in order to promote the awards and results of the competition. In no circumstances should the organizer be held responsible for payment of royalties etc. Each participant agrees to not hold the organizer responsible or liable against any claims related to the promotional material in this respect.

The entry cannot be edited once the submission deadline has passed. All entries will be made available to the public once the entries are completed by the participants. Winner announcements will also be made public.

VI. Cancellation & Refunds

Once an entry has been completed, no refunds will be issued.

Once an entry has been completed and submitted, the Participant cannot withdraw from the awards competition.

The Organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Competition. The Organizer shall provide instructions for any changes in relation to the Competition.

VII. Modifications

The organizers reserve the rights to change, adjust or merge categories due to insufficient entries or any other circumstances and can do so before or during the voting process and jury evaluation begins. The participants will be informed about the same via email. Alternatives will be provided and no refunds will be given.

VIII. Jury

It is strictly prohibited for participants to try and influence the jury before, during or after the competition. In case such a situation arises, it will lead to immediate disqualification and prohibition for participation at future editions of the event.

IX. Liability Limitation

The organizers bear no liability for any indirect losses occurred due to the participant’s involvement in the competition.

In case of termination of agreement/entry due to various reasons, the organizer shall bear no liability for any damages caused on behalf of the participant as a result of the cancellation of the participant’s entry.

The organizer will not be responsible for refunding the amounts already paid by the participant in case of circumstances due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer.

X. Changes to the General Terms & Conditions

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the present General Terms and Conditions at any time, publishing in a timely manner such changes on the Website.

The present General Terms and Conditions become effective as of 01.05.2020.

For any clarification, please Contact us at: hey@channelierawards.com